Top 10 Most Expensive Footballers EVER – What About Gareth Bale?

You will not believe how much they cost! This video shows the top10 footballers by combined transfer fees. And who is the No.1? Watch the video now!

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Nicklas Bendtner @ Arsenal Point of View

A life as an soccer pro! Fantastic, but also hard, – u won’t believe it! Watch the video now!

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BVB Jürgen Klopp Now A Simpsons Character

The BVB coach Jürgen Klopp is the perfect simpsons charicature. To his honor, BVB Jürgen Klopp himself becomes a Simpsons. Click to see by yourself!


Can You Boomerang A Football?

Everyone knows the most famous boomerang thrower – Link of Zelda. But what is needed to kick a football to fly like a boomerang? Vsauce examined the case and shows a solution. So, do we need Link to do it? So Watch This Amazing Vsauce Video To Explore, How It Is Possible To Boomerang A Football.

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The Kick Tutorial by Gareth Bale – The Real Kicker

Now comes the kicker: The Real Madrid Pro Gareth Bale shows how to kick like a real professional. Whatch this tutorial video to see, how to do it!

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